Earlier this week, Canadian TV personality Chris Hyndman was found dead near his Toronto home. Hyndman co-hosted the popular lifestyle program Steven and Chris, which became one of CBC's flagship shows, airing daily on the channel for 7 years.

As we reported on Tuesday, the body of Hyndman was found in a laneway beside his east end apartment. He lived on the sixth floor of the building with his partner on and off screen, Steven Sabados.

Until now, details of Hyndman’s passing have been relatively sparse. Now, statements from his mother suggest that he may have fallen off his balcony while sleepwalking. Speaking with the Toronto Star, his mother Glenda said that “Christopher was a sleepwalker, and he did that a lot...He was caught by Steven many times eating in his sleep...I don’t know if he ever got a restful, solid sleep.”

Fans of the show have reached out with touching gestures, sending flowers and written messages to Hyndman's family. Responding to the outpouring of support, his husband Steven released a public statement on their show’s Facebook page: “Our hearts are broken, but we find comfort knowing his generous, larger-than-life spirit lives on.”

While the details remain unclear, these statements have shed more light on what may have happened to the beloved host the night that he passed away. We'll bring you more on this story as it develops.