New scientific evidence suggests that William Shakespeare, 17th century writer of so many plays you probably had to read in school, might have been a weed smoker

A report published by The Independent says that South African scientists used a new method of testing to find cannabis residue on 400-plus-year-old clay pipes recovered from Shakespeare's garden in England.  

They also suggest that he was probably stoned when he wrote at least a few of those plays. Which, honestly, kind of makes sense. I mean, have you ever read watched the movie A Midsummer Night's Dream?

The story also points out that Shakespeare wrote about "weed" in one of his sonnets, number 76, where he writes about finding “invention in a noted weed," which may be a reference to using cannabis for creative purposes. 

Other pipes from the same time period that were recovered from Shakespeare's neighborhood tested positive for cocaine residue in addition to cannabis, but not the ones from Shakespeare's garden. 

College students around the country might be reading this right now and saying...