Sam Rader, the man whose viral pregnancy announcement was heard 'round the web, was kicked out of Seattle's Vlogger Fair yesterday for allegedly making threats against at least one person, Gawker reports. Tweets from other vloggers at the conference seem to confirm that Sam was acting out toward others and "threatening violence."

At the next con you're not invited to, definitely don't threaten violence against other vloggers? #trash #godbless

— Meghan Tonjes (@meghantonjes) August 22, 2015

Talking to Gawker, Sam admitted to getting kicked out of the Vlogger Fair, but initially denied making a threat towards anyone there. Later on in their phone conversation, Sam did cop to threatening one person, but did not say who.

From Gawker:

He explained, “It was one person, and I didn’t make a threat. What happened was there was a couple of fellow vloggers who had ridiculed our family on Twitter regarding the method we were mourning the loss, our miscarriage on Twitter.”


Sam told me that problems at the conference began on Friday, when he approached one of the vloggers and “told him he had hurt our family and that was that.” On Saturday, Sam said that this vlogger “got in my face” and “put his chest up against mine” and that there was a verbal altercation from there.

Sam later seemed to backtrack a little bit, and said, "That's absolutely not true [that he threatened anyone.] If I made a threat, it was to the one person, and it was, 'You need to watch out before he messes with my family.'"

Sam, who recently quit his job as an ER nurse to make videos about his family full-time, has had an interesting trajectory in the public eye. He's best known for revealing his wife Nia's positive pregnancy test results to her (and sharing the video footage with 14 million people online). Just three days later, Sam and Nia tearfully announced that she had a miscarriage in another video. 

When Sam decided to share a video of his family every day, he made impossible for him and Nia not to share the news of their miscarriage with the Internet. His videos are a mix of Christian evangelism (Sam once uploaded a video of a conversation with his daughter in which she says gay marriage is bad, which he later deleted) and reality television. Which is why it was just as weird when Sam was outed a few days ago as a paid Ashley Madison account holder. He apologized in a video.

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