Only in Alabama could a 920-pound alligator rest comfortably in a lake for years, likely enjoying all the dogs local residents swore to their children had simply relocated to a farm up north as frequent delicacies, before finally being caught by a group of proudly bro-tastic gator hunters:

The 13-foot 6-inch gator is expected to shatter records for Lake Eufaula, though an official determination on that status is still pending. "We knew it was big," gator hunter Scott Evans tells "We took some measurements of its girth, base, and around its tail. It's pretty amazing when you think about it." The gator's official weight was recently determined at Dixon Lumber Co. in Eufaula, AL. The gator will reportedly yield as much as 250 pounds of meat, all of which the hunters are planning to consume during a "big Labor Day cookout."

The never-read-Four-Pins-even-once-not-even-accidentally crew of hunters consider the practice of gator chasing a noble pursuit, pointing to the necessity of teamwork and, presumably, camouflage baseball caps. "It is humbling," says Evans' fellow gator chaser Jeff Gregg. "Before we dispatched (the alligator), it's running through your mind 'should we just take a picture and let it go?' It looks like you are looking at a dinosaur."

After all, dinosaurs know dinosaurs.