During a forum chat hosted by Freedom Partners over the weekend, part-time Republican presidential candidate / full-time undercover comedian Ted Cruz reaffirmed his staunch denial of climate change by mindlessly describing it as a fabrication used by liberals to satisfy "environmentalist billionaires and their campaign donations." Though Republicans at large continue to actively move further and further away from the undeniable truth surrounding climate change, President Barack Obama is moving forward with potentially profound legislation. After announcing his administration's historic Clean Power Plan over the weekend, Obama delivered the climate change initiative's proper debut on Monday during a press conference at the White House on Monday.

"There is such a thing as being too late when it comes to climate change," Obama said during the unveiling. Arguing that such a potential reality shouldn't deter active advancements in the battle against climate change, Obama revealed admirably strict carbon dioxide limits for each state — including a required 32 percent cut by 2030. States now have until 2022 to fully comply with these new restrictions, giving them an additional year to submit their respective implementation plans.

As you might expect, the Republican response to the Clean Power Plan has been immediate and largely uniform — with many Republican governors stating their states will refuse to adhere to the new carbon dioxide and related limits. The burden of success for the new plan falls largely on Obama's successor, meaning climate change will once again serve as a chief issue in the forthcoming presidential election:

Also, this happened:

I'd make a clever rebuke to Cruz's general existence, but I'll just leave that to someone who can do it better — Bill Nye: