People who enjoy their alcohol in powder form are calling a party foul on New York, Connecticut, South Carolina, Virginia and 17 other states around the country.

That's because nearly as soon as the federal government gave approval to Palcohol, a dehydrated alcohol pouch that's a party in your pocket (just add water) and comes in appetizing flavors flavors such as "powderita," state governments started banning the stuff. 

The Washington Post reports that Alabama, Alaska, Connecticut, Georgia, Kansas, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Maryland and Minnesota have bans on Palcohol. 

The latest ban is in New York, where democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer called the stuff "Kool-Aid for underage drinking.”

Of course the people at Palcohol are defending their product with the ... interesting ... strategy of asking "if it really was about public safety, then why isn’t a move made to ban liquid alcohol also?"

Which, yeah, uh, woah buddies, let's just pump the brakes here. 

Palcohol also posted this video by Wired as a defense of their product, but admitted that this powdered alcohol is a lot weaker than their own product.