Apparently Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey is a 'Saved by the Bell' fan. Following the 90s reboot trend, his department put out a PSA that's literally the same as the PSA in the show's "No Hope with Dope" episode, but with Ramsey's face edited on top of Zack Morris'

The video opens with some super high-tech (read: iMovie) strobe lights and bold letters announcing, "A PPD PSA." From there we get the familiar cast telling us how "dumb," "stupid," "crazy," and otherwise terrible drugs are. But the best part is Ramsey's head, cropped at the neck, floating disjointedly on Morris' shoulders — he even records an audio spot introducing himself. 

Whoever's in charge of PR for the Philadelphia police department deserves a round of applause. Way to appeal to The Teens, guys.