The 2016 presidential race with its Republican cast of characters, and (m)ass-cot, Hilary Clinton, President Obama and Bernie Sanders, may add one more presidential hopeful: Vice President Joe Biden. And now good ol’ Joe has gotten President Obama’s blessing, if he so chooses to run. 

A senior Democrat said that Obama said he wouldn’t get in Biden’s way nor would he advise him against running, according to CNN. The two reportedly discussed the potential presidential run over lunch today before Biden geared up to meet with two key people of Obama’s circle, Anita Dunn and Bob Bauer, two sources who knew about the meeting told CNN. The Vice President’s chief of staff, Steve Richetti, was also expected at the meeting. 

Bauer was President Obama’s adviser and lawyer as well as a key figure in helping Obama’s presidential campaign eight years ago. Dunn, Bauer’s wife, was White House communications director during Obama's first term.

Biden’s potential bid is posing a tough choice amongst Democrats who were already set to back Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Former Obama advisers told CNN they would work for Biden should he run. Some staffers explained to Politico how well liked the Vice President is and how supportive people would be of his decision to run for president. One West Wing staffer said, 

A former senior Obama campaign official said, 

The main concern lies with Biden’s decision to enter too late in the game and whether or not he’s in the right mindset given his recent loss of his son, Beau, just a few months ago.

One Biden confidant assured the Vice President is “more comfortable” with the possibility of running and is currently taking “several logical and necessary steps,” like the aforementioned meetings, to set this in motion. 

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