"I’m not sure how it got loose," says presumably scared driver Erin Van Londen, "but I just saw [the giant Minion] coming loose and flying across the road as we were driving." The harrowing scene in Dublin is best described visually, as mere words can't quite capture the untold terrors of witnessing a 40-foot incarnation of one of the characteristically haphazard stars of a billion dollar film franchise spring to life in the middle of traffic:

When pondering the cause of such behavior from a currently very famous star of arthouse cinema, one must look inward — deep into the recesses of the artist's psyche, beyond the neuroses of fame. Is the burden of this star's most recent film nearing a global haul of one billion dollars proving too great a challenge? Is this Minion struggling to be taken seriously as a dramatic actor in unrelated projects? At any rate, this harrowing incident is currently under investigation — presumably by these two mega-colliders:



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