The actual rate at which the average person hits "clear history" in their preferred web browser would surely be ridiculous, if not predictably so. Obvious porn habits aside, the number of times someone googles something like "How many elbow macaroni noodles can I shove into my left ear while listening to the first Jonas Brothers album?" may surprise you.

The brave souls over at Estately pushed aside the guesswork and actually crunched the numbers, providing heretofore unseen insight into the embarrassing-as-fuck googling habits of Americans on a state-by-state basis. North Dakota comes in strong with an admirable though admittedly baffling obsession with Limp Bizkit. For the sake of journalism, let us remind you of peak Bizkit:

Elsewhere on the map, Georgia fucking loves a good meth recipe while Florida loves to look at pictures of eyebrow piercings. Given the fact that Estately has chosen to present this fascinating data largely via map, we should probably expect a dramatic spike in the rate at which all 50 states google "How do I read this map?"



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