The biggest source of anxiety for any newlywed must be, What if I married the wrong person? For one Algerian man, his happily-ever-after soon became a complete nightmare after waking up to a bride he did not recognize. Here's where it gets worse to the point of ridiculousness/hilarity: This man is now SUING his own wife for £13,000 ($20,000) due to the "psychological suffering" he endured after seeing her make-up-less face. He was apparently so traumatized the morning after he legit thought she was "a thief who came to steal his apartment." WHAT? 

Um excuse me, do you not know how make-up works? Like, yeah, women look different with and without make-up, but to be psychologically traumatized seems a bit much. Unless your wife pulled one of these and turned into The Elephant Man:

He added that, by hiding her true appearance this whole time, she was "cheating" him. Uhhhhh, like I'm sure she wasn't too pleased to see your weird, naked body either, but she's not out here suing you for it. Like maybe just get a blow-up doll if you want your woman to look the same 24/7 for all eternity? Men are ridiculous, this whole story is ridiculous. 

P.S. Is it time to update the wedding vow?

"For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, with or without make-up, until death do us part." There.