Gratuitous nudity is rampant in Hollywood, and nowhere is that more apparent than on Game of Thrones. Even worse is that the show's superfluous showings of flesh skews heavily toward females, with dick sightings as rare as Cersei Lannister being sober. 

The nude inequality is so blatant the show's own stars haven't hesitated to cry foul. Kit Harington, Natalie Dormer, and Jack Gleeson have all called for more male nudity. And now Kevin Bacon, who's only two degrees of separation away from all three aforementioned stars, is citing the show in his PSA video to pile some more dicks onto the scales. 

"It's not fair to actresses, and it's not fair to actors," Bacon said of the one-sided nudity, "Because we want to be naked, too. Gentleman, it's time to free your bacon. And by bacon, of course, I mean your weiner, your balls, and your butt." 

He called out Game of Thrones by pointing out the delirious number of sex scenes in each episode. "How hard would it be to just show one or two weiners every couple of minutes? This is an issue of gender equality." 

And don't worry, Bacon is putting his weiner where his mouth is by offering up his own piece for onscreen appearances. Watch the full PSA for the #FreeTheBacon movement above. 

[via Mashable]