The gentleman in the photo above could buy your entire neighborhood, sell it, resell it, lose all of his profit, burn it all down, build a new one, sell it all again, then buy it back just to bulldoze it with a bulldozer he also purchased at full price, and still be worth more than you. Jim Parsons, he of the best scenes of Garden State and the possibly trash definitely trash The Big Bang Theory, is now the highest-paid TV actor in the world.

Parsons tops Forbes' annual list of the highest-paid TV actors with a baffling $29 million score between June 2014 and June 2015, due in large part to a new Big Bang contract that substantially lifted the financial profiles of Parsons and the rest of the cast. In fact, the Forbes list is practically bursting at the seams with Big Bang cast members, leaving little room for the profoundly underpaid rock stars of Mad Men.

ABC's Modern Family also makes a strong showing, as do Ray Romano (?) and Ashton Kutcher (??). Romano aside, all of this begs the question: If trash TV is still pulling big numbers during what is widely regarded as The Golden Age of Television, then what is the point of this life?