Yo, who decided all the classic gangster movies need to push three hours? The Godfather, The Godfather: Part II, Goodfellas, American Gangster, and The Departed all approach the monstrous 180 minute running time or surpass it entirely. All are good enough to get away with it, at least. But Scarface and its 170-minute running time? Get the fuck out of here.

Your cousin may have had a giant Scarface blanket hanging in his living room and touted it as a classic gangster film, and you may have been inclined to agree as an impressionable child. But now it’s time to admit Al Pacino adopting an over-the-top Cuban accent and bravado to match the over-the-top action for damn near three hours was overwrought garbage. Even when Tony Montana wasn't shooting or shooting the movie was doing too much. It took everything in me not to kill the power on my TV upon rewatching the tongue scene.

None of the characters are as developed as those in the timeless flicks listed above, and they sure as hell aren’t as likeable—even on some anti-hero shit. Tony Montana is little more than a blood and power hungry monster without the ultimately misguided but still valid motivations of Pacino’s Michael Corleone. The genre deserves better, as did poor Al Pacino. — Ian Servantes