Universal acclaim isn't a thing. Near-universal acclaim? Sure, that happens. But even the mostly widely beloved films are going to have detractors. Often times this consists of stubborn contrarians, but every once and a while there's a movie that leaves you scratching your head as you watch everyone praise it. Has the whole world gone nuts? Am I the only who can see the truth?

Members of the Complex staff feel exactly that way, and it's time for us to speak out. There are so-called iconic movies that are lowkey trash, and we can be silent no longer. We realize these choices are contentious, but we must move forward nonetheless. Even the whole squad can't always agree, as deep feelings have emerged in discussion. One of us thought another should be stabbed for daring to call a movie trash. I myself would like to fire one of the staff writers for his takedown, if I had that authority, and if I wouldn't feel empty inside without his rap tourettes punctuating the days in the office. 

Argue all you want (we sure will), but these nine iconic films are lowkey trash.