As Michael Bay continues his meaningless quest to uproot the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise from the throes of America's collective childhood only to bastardize it before our eyes with not one but two haplessly Bayified cinematic abominations, the true heroes of Turtledom are toiling away in relative obscurity.

When proud Turtles aficionado Nic Vargus suggested to his significant other that he should definitely dress as a Ninja Turtle, she unknowingly offered him an eventual "yes" by betting that his tweet regarding this proposition couldn't get a seemingly improbably 100,000 RTs:

As the internet is a kind and beautiful place where dreams come true, Vargus quickly landed those 100,000 RTs thanks to some assistance from Seth Rogen and others. His girlfriend, bravely coming to terms with the fact that it might kind of look like she's marrying a mutated turtle on her wedding day, tweeted the following offer of support:

Thankfully, Michael Bay is not expected to be involved with the wedding.