There are, in fact, many ways to become a meme. You could star in the wholly unnecessary but ultimately quite satisfying Jurassic Park sequel, you could be Donald Trump and do just about anything, or you could wear a crisp new Fall Out Boy t-shirt to the ongoing Ferguson protests just to stand beside local police as they continue to prove their perplexing aversion to true racial justice:

The woman in question, reportedly named Lexi, was thankfully dealt the swift arm of Twitterati justice by being almost immediately subjected to a relatively endless memeification process. A cursory dig of Lexi's social media presence shows that she is, in fact, not only entirely misguided on matters of social progress, she's also a bit of a racist herself:

The most compelling aspect of this is the fact that she's wearing a fucking Fall Out Boy shirt. Of course, this is not the post to debate the merits of Fall Out Boy's undeniably stacked discography, but it is the post to debate what kind of person it takes to not even remotely realize that music born of rebellion really isn't into siding with the police:

Furthermore, this is not exactly a band that takes these things in stride, as proven by their "Uma Thurman" video. In the video, the band uses a tank to mow down a truck emblazoned with the text “Article 1, Section 36.03," a reference to Alabama's Supreme Court attempt at blocking same-sex marriage. One can almost imagine Lexi standing in front of that truck, perhaps in a director's cut of the video, only this time wearing an equally misplaced Elton John t-shirt.

And so the world waits for Pete Wentz's thoughts on #LexiGate2015, hopefully clearing up the etiquette on wearing punk rock-esque t-shirts while participating in the wrong fucking side of a protest.