Poor Fantastic Four. The superhero flop, despite boasting promising actors (Miles TellerMichael B. JordanKate Mara, and Jamie Bell), was doomed to fail. When the actors admitted to not having seen the movie and even predicted it wouldn't be critically well-received, we knew it was going to be bad. And then we knew it was REALLY bad news bears when its own director tweeted this:

Though he quickly deleted the tweet, it was already too late. The word was out, and the result not pretty: The $120 million film only scraped in $26 million on opening weekend. Oof.

But it seems the studio (Fox) wasn't the only one Josh Trank was feuding with. According to a new story in Entertainment Weekly, Trank almost got into a brawl with one of his main stars: the famously dickish Miles Teller. The two reportedly got into a "chest-to-chest" brawl, almost throwing punches at each other. (They probably did like a weird macho dance and then just carried on with filming while silently fuming.) Lol, BOYS. Eyeroll.

Unfortunately, it sounds like this terrily unexciting almost-fight between Trank and Teller was better than the disastrous Fantastic Four