What if I told you that Donald "Troll Me Harder" Trump's campaign was working? Before you ready your tweeted vitriol, just know that I definitely don't make such a statement as a compliment. Instead, I just mean that Trump's seemingly concerted effort at wildly offending and downright demeaning anyone who isn't white and male is obviously working in a very mathematically determinable way.

Aside from the fact that Trump is still leading the Republican candidates, to the chagrin of anyone with even a cursory knowledge of How to Not Be a Harbinger of Assholery, Trump's doing undeniably huge numbers in the Latino demographic. According to a new poll from NBC News / Wall Street Journal / Telemundo, an astronomically large (but could, and will, be much larger) 75% of potential Latino voters "view Donald Trump unfavorably." 61% of those take the disapproval an admirable step further, citing "very negative" feelings toward the future source of hours of Late Show with Stephen Colbert material.

Without a single tinge of irony, Trump stated in July that he wholeheartedly believes he'll "win the Hispanic vote." Trump then delved into a brief and characteristically moronic attempt at supporting that assertion, adding that "thousands and thousands of Hispanics have worked for me and now work for me and the relationship is very good." Part of me wants to institute a self-disciplined ban on posting anything about Trump ever again, while another (louder) part of me simply enjoys watching the man wallow in his own outlandishness while destroying an entire political party from the inside out.