Maurice Osborne, the 37-year-old Brooklyn resident who made headlines last week for taking matters into his own hands by apprehending a rapist who brutally attacked a woman on a subway platform in the Bergen Street station in Park Slope, is now getting a heartwarming thank you in the form of a crowdfunding campaign. Aimed at helping pay for Osborne's tuition as he studies to become a medical assistant, the campaign was started "on behalf of all women everywhere" as a united effort at rewarding a good samaritan.

In the first 22 hours of the campaign, nearly $700 of the $5,000 goal has been raised from 28 individual donations. "As soon as she said that he was trying to rape her, I just reacted," Osborne tells CBS New York . Osborne's reaction, which left him with six stitches and a swollen hand, ended with the recently dubbed "subway hero" dragging the suspect to the nearest police station himself.

"I like helping people," says Osborne. "It makes me feel useful." Well said, Maurice.

Now's our chance to help people and feel useful.