Police believe that a man and a woman died from falling into a moat after having sex on a stone fortress in the Chausey archipelago off the northwest coast of France.

The police referred to it as "lovemaking that went wrong," but could not explain the logistics of what had happened. They simply told Le Figaro that the couple "was found naked, with their belongings above."

The drop to the moat is about 40 feet. The man was found in a dried out part of the moat, and the woman was found in a shallow patch of water, according to London's Daily Mirror.

The Mirror also reports that the man was from Granville, a French city on the northwest coast, and the woman is believed to be from Normandy. Police believe she was visiting him, but what nobody is asking is why homeboy was living in a fortress, or how the couple got the idea to have their rendezvous in such a precarious location.

[via Le Figaro, the Daily Mirror]