With the third most craft breweries in the country as of 2012 and the juggernaut known as Coors, Colorado is heaven for traveling beer enthusiasts. But there's another legal intoxicant closely associated with the Mile-High state you may have heard of. The kids are calling it marijuana.

Travelers have been able to do purchase and do an weed in Colorado since 2013, but there still isn't a green experience similar to the state's many brewery tours. That'll finally change early next year when an entrepreneur named Christian Hageseth opens up the first "weedery." 

The Colorado Cannabis Ranch will cost $35 million and feature a greenhouse cultivation space, restaurant, bar, gift shop, a dispensary and a performance space, according to the New York Times. Unfortuntately, unlike breweries, visitors won't be able to sample the product on-sight because of public consumption laws. 

But that shouldn't stop you from pre- and post-gaming the tour. Start getting your 2016 travel plans in order now.