After Charnesia Corley had her vagina forcibly searched by Harris County police for marijuana, she was charged with resisting arrest and drug possession. Now, both charges against Corley have been dropped, the AP reports. 

Corley, 21, was pulled over in late June by two officers for running a stop sign. When she rolled down her window, one officer claimed he smelled marijuana, cuffed Corley, and removed her from the vehicle. The officers searched Corley's car and found no trace of marijuana, but instead of writing her a ticket and sending  her on her way, they called for a female officer to perform a body cavity search on the side of the road. Corley was then arrested and charged. 

Following the search, Corley said she felt sexually violated. She hired a lawyer, who filed a claim with the Harris County Sheriff's Office saying the search was unconstitutional. According to the AP, prosecutors didn't respond to say why the charges had been dropped, and the sheriff's office had no further information about Corley's complaint.

Apparently 0.02 ounces of marijuana were found at the scene, but Corley's lawyer declined to say exactly where. At least, thanks to friendly Texas law enforcement, we know the weed wasn't in her vagina.