The long and winding road that is Bill Cosby's history of frequent sexual abuse incidents is reportedly taking a frustratingly inane turn in the very near future. Cosby's team is now preparing a new PR offensive aimed at casting doubt on his numerous accusers by simply labeling all of it as a collective effort of racism aimed at taking down a black public figure. According to Radar Online, Cosby's wife Camille and lawyer Monique Pressley plan to begin executing the offensive soon.

The plan will reportedly target black journalists specifically, insisting that they remain "neutral" in their coverage of Cosby's continued allegations. Furthermore, the PR blitz will reportedly frequent evocative words such as "lynching," "witch hunt," and "persecution" in an effort to further downplay the severity of the allegations levied against Cosby. 

As noted by others, not all of Cosby's reported victims are white. Furthermore, the effort of his team to evoke the heightened racial tensions present in America to give a gloss to his history of sexual abuse, some of which he has already admitted to, is downright maddening. Thus far, dozens of women have come forth with strikingly similar allegations often centered around the use of sedatives and alcohol as Cosby's aid for instigating sexual abuse. Cosby is set to give a new deposition in a related case later this year.