Reports from our team on the ground at Ferguson say that authorities have started using pepper spraying protestors. So far, police officers have made a few arrests, including a young girl.

"I didn't do anything, I'm 12." Girl detained as multiple people just arrested in #Ferguson. Bottles being thrown.

— Eli Rosenberg (@EliKMBC) August 11, 2015

They just arrested a 12-year-old girl #Ferguson

— Daniel Pritchett (@pritchett_dan) August 11, 2015

The St. Louis Police responded to reports that the girl was 12 years old on Twitter, saying that she is 18 years old according to her ID.

.@pritchett_dan The woman pictured is not 12, but 18 years old according to her ID.

— St. Louis County PD (@stlcountypd) August 11, 2015

Police seem to be continuing to arrest protestors and journalists on the ground, although most of the commotion has died down at this point.

Police macing everyone on W Florissant. Insanity #Ferguson

— Jon Swaine (@jonswaine) August 11, 2015

Dude ambushed. Kept yelling "I'm not resisting! I'm not resisting!" Roughed him up right after. #Ferguson

— ChuckModi (@POPSspotSports) August 11, 2015

Complex's Ross Scarano reported that police and protestors are crowded together at a McDonald's.

Situation has cooled. Florissant is closed to traffic by Ferguson Ave. Protesters are playing Pac. Cops lined up in center lane #Ferguson

— Ross Scarano (@RossScarano) August 11, 2015

The St. Louis County Police Department said on Twitter that they will arrest protestors "who choose to act violently" for unlawful assembly.

More bottles thrown in an attempt to hit a drone flying around. Hit police vehicle instead. #Ferguson

— B. Jenkins (@Jersey_Jinx) August 11, 2015

Unruly crowd is throwing frozen water bottles at officers. Those who choose to act violently will be arrested.

— St. Louis County PD (@stlcountypd) August 11, 2015

I only saw one rogue water bottle.

— Sean Stout (@TERROREYEStv) August 11, 2015

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