In many ways, 2002 still stands as one of the greatest years of all time. Avril Lavigne released her debut album — the politically conscious Let Go. Joey Fatone delivered an Oscar-worthy performance in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Researchers in Spain discovered that red wine is a powerful aid in the fight against the common cold. Also, a young Channing Tatum started to spread his worldly charms (see above) during Milan Fashion Week — just three short years before his proper acting debut in the 2005 film Coach Carter.

Calmly admitting that he doesn't believe he has what it takes to "make a million dollars or whatever" as a model, 21-year-old Tatum expresses his then-uncertain desire to "go into acting." When asked about his Milan Fashion Week hopes, Tatum says he would love to meet Kate Moss because she's "got a lot of history." Of course, Tatum's pre-Magic Mike fashion career is well-documented — including campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, and others.

As previously expressed, perhaps we should all learn to stop worrying and love the Mike.