The entire subculture surrounding traditional infidelity (oxymoron?) has taken its fair share of blows this week, and it's only Monday. As 30 (+) million cheaters panic at the thought of a group of hackers known only as the Impact Team possibly leaking their names and most intimate confessions extracted from their subscriptions, those unaffected by the breach are passing around a video (see above) depicting the immediate dissolution of a relationship mired by one partner's alleged cheating.

Completely ignoring the emotional context and generally horrendous filming tactics at play in the clip (WILL EVERYONE PLEASE STOP WITH THE VERTICAL VIDEOS), there's a certain bravery to the clip's ending that's vaguely reminiscent of both (early) M. Night Shyamalan and the Sopranos finale. What compelled this individual to suddenly, dramatically put art first? WHY GO VERTICAL IF YOU'RE GOING TO GO FULL ART BY THE END?

So many questions.