On Monday, Jimmy Fallon and his now equally famous injured finger returned to The Tonight Show to address rumors of said finger's possible demise and to assist Paul Rudd on his quest to make Ant-Man a certified summer banger (spoiler alert: it already is).

According to Fallon, June's show-halting injury was a wholly unfortunate incident of "ring avulsion" — a frustrating happenstance which often leads to a total loss of finger(s). However, the decision of a microsurgeon at Bellevue Hospital in New York City to implant a vein from Fallon's foot into his injured hand ended up proving a finger-saver. Fallon says he should regain all finger-related feelings within two months:

Fallon and his finger then joined Rudd for the debut of Drinko, a roulette-esque game of risk featuring any number of disgusting or surprisingly savory drink combinations. Through the magic of Rudd, the concoction that closes the game is a surely unbalanced blend of gravy and tequila — which a quick googling reveals is already an actual thing that people willingly consume.