Conan O'Brien's female staffer have all been really hype about seeing Magic Mike XXL—a commonly understood feeling. Conan didn't understand though, so he planned a girls night out with the crew, rent a limo, pregamed with them, and headed to the movies to see what all the fuss about Channing Tatum's abs is about.

The resulting video—which is no shorter than 9 and a half minutes long—is undeniably hilarious; Conan is just as tall and awkward and funny in real life as you thought he would be, and the girls alternate being laughing hysterical and being extremely uncomfortable around him.

The best part, though, is when Conan puts on some music in his assistant's apartment and says, "I'm gonna do what feels natural." His attempt to dance like "Chay Tay Tay" (his nickname for Tatum) will bring you to tears—wait for the moment he pulls off his sweatpants to reveal—what else—jeans.

Never change, Conan.

[via Team Coco]