The Walking Dead hit Comic-Con today to drop a couple of bombs for season six. Most noteworthy is the first trailer, which carries an extremely satisfying four-minute runtime. It picks up right where we left off, with Rick Grimes still covered in blood and explaining to his long-lost friend Morgan why he summarily executed Pete. It also teases a confrontation between fully (and maybe rightfully) crazed Rick and his doubters, led by Morgan and Daryl. 

Details for the season premiere were also released at today's panel. Season six will kick off Oct. 11 with an extended 90-minute running time. Feast your eyes upon the trailer above as you begin to count down to October. 

Update 7/10/15 (4:29 p.m.): Fear the Walking Dead has been announced for an Aug. 23 premiere date and has finally given us a real trailer (not one of those formulaic teasers crammed down our throats for the past few weeks). As expected, it follows the initial outbreak that led to the zombie apocalypse.