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19-year-old Vine sensation Carter Reynolds has been banned from attending VidCon today in Anaheim, California. The buzzy teen, who recently became the subject of media attention after his sex tape with his 16-year-old then-girlfriend Maggie Lindemann leaked, was also removed from his hotel room.  

Reynolds, like many VidCon attendees, was stayed at the Hilton across the street from the Anaheim Convention Center. Thousands of people attend the convention every year, the majority of which are teenage girls. While it's unknown if Reynolds was staying in the same room as a VidCon guest, the Daily Dot explains that hotel management has the legal right to kick him out regardless of his room assignment. 

According to [professor of hospitality law Stephen] Barth, there are four things that can get you legally tossed from a Hilton:

1) If the guest does not pay or lacks the ability to pay.

2) If the guest overstays beyond the dates specified in the reservation contract (although this can be state-specific).

3) If the guest is drunk, disorderly, or otherwise creates risk of harm to employees or other guests.

4) If the guest is violating the law.

Reason No. 3 is highly subjective, and it could certainly be argued that Reynolds was being disorderly, simply by being there, as seen in this vine that was retweeted by Onision

Many attendees felt that Reynold's sex tape, in which he can be seen and heard pressuring an underage Lindemann into oral sex, was enough of a reason to consider him a threat to teenage girls at the convention, and voiced their concerns on Twitter. VidCon co-founder Hank Green noticed.

@Onision Security removed him from the hotel. He was not an invited guest.

— Hank Green (@hankgreen) July 24, 2015

Reynolds, naturally, took to Twitter and complained about the convention's decision. Many of his fans have made videos for their support of the Internet celebrity, asking VidCon and other critics to allow him a second chance. In one fan-made video, which was removed from Vine but uploaded as a ten-minute video to YouTube, Reynolds says, "All I want to do is enjoy life, so please, just let me enjoy my life."

.@VidCon why are you guys being a bunch of bitches?

— Carter Reynolds (@carterreynolds) July 24, 2015

vidcon supports bullies and is letting the public opinion on me influence theirs and the hiltons decisions

— Carter Reynolds (@carterreynolds) July 24, 2015

apparently i was a threat to the people at the hotel and they were concerned with my safety as well as the safety of the people around me 😂

— Carter Reynolds (@carterreynolds) July 24, 2015

Reportedly, Reynolds also left the Marriot after people called the hotel with death threats. "i'm honestly so scared right now," the star tweeted.

i had to leave the marriott because people were calling the hotel giving me death threats, i'm honestly so scared right now.

— Carter Reynolds (@carterreynolds) July 25, 2015

Reynolds has said that getting removed from the convention and his hotel will not stop him from meeting fans. It's unclear whether Reynolds will be at the Anaheim Convention Center tomorrow.

vidcon can stop me from going to their event, but they can't stop me from meeting you guys. it's the reason why i even came today.

— Carter Reynolds (@carterreynolds) July 25, 2015

[h/t the Daily Dot]