If you're using Uber in New York City tonight, you may have noticed a weird, new "feature" in the ride-sharing app, down at the bottom where you normally choose between UberT, UberX, UberPool and other options. 

It's called "DE BLASIO," and it's there specifically to crap on the city's mayor, Bill de Blasio, and his support of legislation that would severely the number of cars Uber can add to its service in New York, Bloomberg Business reports.

Uber, which is expanding rapidly in the city, is not feeling that, of course. That's why when you choose DE BLASIO you get a notification that a car will take 25 (excruciating) minutes to arrive and a message that says “NO CARS-SEE WHY” or “SEE WHAT HAPPENS.”

How you feel about this whole taxi vs. Uber fight probably depends on how nostalgic you feel about old-school NYC cabs. Either way, no doubt about it, Uber is killing New York taxis under current regulations.