Music festival organizers in Romania have found a creative way to get out their country's blood donating contingency—the Untold festival held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania has launched "Pay With Blood," a campaign to offer tickets discounts to concert-goers who donate blood before the festival. 

The Guardian reports that Romania doesn't have a strong culture of donating blood—only 1.7% of the country's population actively donate blood, the second lowest percentage in Europe, and most of them only donate after knowing someone who needed a transfusion. 

So the Untold festival is cashing in on their country's association with Dracula and blood-sucking vampires to promote donating and make their festival stand out. Anyone who donates blood before July 24 will get a 30% discount on tickets to the music festival, which starts July 30 and goes on til August 2. Festival hopefuls can also get free one-day passes if they donate a mobile blood donation center that the festival will set up for two days. 

On the campaign's first day, 45 people signed up and donated before noon. "It's great, I've never seen anything like this," one concert-goer told the Guardian. It's also brought the first-time music festival some unexpected PR. "My phone hasn't stopped ringing since we announced the campaign," said the festival's PR manager. 

[via the Guardian]