Tinder, your uncle's favorite app, has made notable attempts over the past year to improve ease of accessibility — most recently instigating a major overhaul which included Instagram support. On Tuesday, Tinder took the next great leap in protecting envy as the sole source of many users' social media presence — verified accounts.

Tinder's popularity remains unquestioned, especially given the (not exactly surprising) statistics unveiled earlier this year. According to Business Insider, as many as 30% of Tinder users are currently married. Oddly enough, only 3% of users are divorced — proving that either a large number of married couples have grown increasingly comfortable with the prospects of an open relationship, or 30% of them are publicly creeping.

As The Verge notes, the verified status will follow the same general guidelines as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — meaning you have absolutely no chance of gaining the much-coveted badge unless you're a notable public figure, general celebrity, or athlete. Also, say hi to Hilary Duff for us.