Is there someone—or something—else out there?

Ever since humans first looked up at the stars, we have wondered if, among those millions and millions of celestial bodies stretched out across the universe, there is something beyond ourselves. Sometimes we imagine extraterrestrial beings to be benevolent, like E.T. and Alf. More often, we think of alien creatures coming to wreak havoc. Before the space invaders of Independence Day and Men in Black, there was a cartoon alien bent on destroying the Earth. Even if his ray gun didn’t exactly leave us quaking in our boots, and even if he was soft spoken, he most certainly did not come in peace. His name is Marvin. He is a Martian.

Marvin the Martian, like his Looney Tunes brethren, has popped up all over the cultural map over the years. Commercials, television, movies, T-shirts, and tattoos have all served as a canvas for the helmeted, skirt-wearing anthropomorphized void. And his reign of terror is far from over, as Marvin has crash-landed his beloved spaceship in Las Vegas, in front of a highly coveted AAU event at Brooklyn Bowl featuring some of the best up-and-coming ballers from our planet. In search of his next victim, he’s ready to take over and establish his dominance on the hardwood, but it won’t be easy.

With the little green alien invader gearing up for another moment in the spotlight—this time opposite All-Star Blake Griffin and his FlightSpeed-enabled Super.Fly 4s—let’s look back at The Most Notable Marvin the Martian Appearances in Pop Culture History.