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Studies show that today's teens don't have nearly as much fun sex, or smoke as much weed as they used to. 

According to a new Centers for Disease Control report cited by CNNthe teen sex rate in the U.S. is the lowest it has been in 25 years, with only 44 percent of females and 47 percent of males age 15-to 19 having had sex between 2011 and 2013. 

Add that information to this study by the University of Texas at Austin that shows about a 25 percent decline in teenagers' weed-related activities over the past 11 years, and you have proof that all the things you did to try to look cool and feel older 10 years ago are no longer cool, you old. 

Less teen sex might be a good thing for society, but it's probably a bad thing for Hollywood's raunchy teen sex comedy industry. What will this generation's American Pie be? A bunch of teenagers studying feverishly on Adderall trying to launch their gluten-free startup on Snapchat?! Does that last sentence even make sense?!!

OK, just calm down and go smoke another bowl, grandpa. 

One thing that has gone up among teens over the past decade according to the study: condom use. For that we seriously say, good job, kids (and increased sex education in schools).