Direct human contact with a multitude of strangers in the age of drones and Jaden Smith's Beats 1 radio show seems downright antiquated. Thankfully, we have the brave creative minds at Taco Bell continuously offering era-appropriate solutions to the problems of a persistent past.

On Wednesday, Taco Bell continued their pattern of innovation by launching its delivery service in partnership with DoorDash — a Palo Alto based tech company. According to a press release, the service will initially be available "in over 90 cities and more than 200 restaurants throughout the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco Bay Area and Dallas regions." Thankfully, Taco Bell plans to continue extending the regional availability of the delivery service in the months ahead.

"Delivery is yet another example of how we’re using technology and innovation to respond to consumers’ wants and needs," says Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol. "We were one of the first to redefine convenience at QSR with our mobile app, and knowing that delivery is the no. 1 request from our consumers, we see a tremendous opportunity to bring the Taco Bell experience to fans where and when they want it most." Though delivery service doesn't totally remove human contact from the transaction process, it does narrow such contact down to a tolerable one human at a time.

As you might expect, Twitter immediately wrapped itself in a warm blanket of unadulterated joy in response to Wednesday's news — proving the power of the Bell remains strong:

Also, a baby was born in a Taco Bell parking lot on Wednesday — so there's that: