This video went 0-100 real quick. In Yuma, Arizona— a driver went berserk on a motorcyclist and his girlfriend for cutting him off. The altercation was all caught via the motorcyclist's GoPro that he was wearing on his helmet.

While at a red light the driver is seen walking up to the guy on the motorcycle and proceeds to punch him in the face even though he's obviously wearing a helmet. The maniac then pushes the female, who was trying to break up the fight and just continues to throw punches at the other guy.

The guy with the GoPro obviously has had enough at this point and pushes the man to the ground asking him how old he is and telling him to "calm down."

The possibly drunk idiot who instigated the fight wasn't taken to jail but did end up in the hospital with a broken ankle. 

You can see the look of defeat in his piercing blue eyes in the video as well. Probably shouldn't mess with people who are obviously stronger and possibly more sober than your crazy a**.