Still enduring Mad Men post series finale withdrawals? This should brighten your day. Some genius by the name of Alex Pompliano had the bright idea to make a clip video of Peggy Olson's seven-season ascension from lowly secretary to badass, slo-mo strolling copywriter, scored to—what else?—Drake's "Started From the Bottom." No disrespect to Drizzy and his own storied rise, but if anybody perfectly encapsulates the "Started" theme, it's Peg. The video even has some of Peggy's best scenes lined up brilliantly with the appropriate bars, like the time she gassed Roger Sterling to give her a nice cash bonus under the table to "Now I'm on the road, half a million for a show." Peggy, started as Don's "girl," and now she runs McCann. To quote another Drake Nothing Was the Same song, "Girl, you just did it."