Noted racist Paula Deen apparently hasn't learned anything since her last scandal. After admitting in 2013 to using the n-word and subsequently apologizing, the butter-loving celebrity chef tweeted a photo of her son Bobby seemingly wearing brownface.

While at first glance the photo looks like a setup for a porno, the trio is imitating I Love Lucy. Bobby, who is most definitely not Cuban, is taking the place of Desi Arnaz, who was straight up born in Cuba. His face is clearly painted brown, as evidenced by his much whiter hands. 

But nah, Paula Deen totally isn't racist. 

Peep a screenshot of the tweet below, as it'll likely be deleted soon with another apology and denial of racism to follow. 

Update 7/7/15 (12:25 p.m.): She finally deleted the tweet. Now there's just one more inevitable step.  

Update 7/7/15 (4:31 p.m.): Still no real apology, but we do have Paula Deen's management blaming a social media manager for the post. Paula Deen must have had no idea what was happening when this photo was taken while filming an episode. Perhaps she forgot to put her contacts in or just never bothered to look to her left to see her son in brownface. And Bobby must have had his eyes closed while the makeup was applied before avoiding mirrors entirely. Yup, this is all the social media managers fault. 

Read the statement below. 

A Paula Deen spokesman tells BuzzFeed News a social media manager is to blame for brownface Twitter pic

— Stephanie McNeal (@stephemcneal) July 7, 2015