A reporter in San Francisco who was reporting live from the scene of a fatal shooting was interrupted live on the air when another news crew at the scene was robbed of a camera at gunpoint.

The video shows Cara Liu from KTVU getting ready to begin her report when she says “Hold on, hold on, wait” and runs off camera. 

The reason, according to SFGate, is because Liu saw a man come up behind KNTV camera man Alan Waples and put a gun to his head before pistol whipping him and taking the station's camera. 

The robbery was reportedly carried out by three men, who put the camera and a tripod in a BMW and sped off from the scene. 

The craziest part? It's not even the first time a news crew was robbed while reporting from a crime scene recently. A KTVU crew was robbed of a live transmission unit and a microphone while reporting from a doughnut shop in February. 

"The heists have prompted many stations to hire security guards to accompany crews, particularly for stories in Oakland. Many of the guards are former police officers," SFGate reports. 

Liu, the reporter who ran off camera, is no stranger to violence on the job either. She was reportedly busted in the head by a woman while reporting on another shooting in Oakland last year.