Stealthy nostalgia aside, the 90s were particularly stacked — from Bill Clinton's over-hyped blow jobs to the ungodly amounts of caffeine consumed via cans of Surge. In between those era-specific vices, many of us likely spent countless hours immersed in a universe developed by the iconic video game minds at Midway Games.

From NBA Jam to Mortal Kombat to the supremely underrated Cruis'n USA, Midway's 90s catalog was the result of a furiously active team of restless creatives. Now, a former Midway employee is funding a documentary centered on this era of the studio's verbose catalog — including interviews with the legendary developers behind some of the most revered video games of all time:

"I started my video game development career at Midway in the early 90's and it really set the tone for the next 20+ years of my professional life. This was an amazing time to be in video games and Midway was making history one game at a time.

Imagine walking into your first job and working with the creators of Robotron, Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam. All produced in a run down space in the back of a pinball factory. They were on the cusp of becoming legends, brainstorming some of the biggest hits in the history of video games."

Though the 90s proved a particularly fruitful period for Midway, the studio's legacy started years earlier — with the acquisition of U.S. distribution rights for Space Invaders in 1978. Throughout its storied history, the company maintained its sense of off-the-wall creative anarchy — often troubling the proverbial powers that be right up until its eventual bankruptcy in 2009.