Around 2:30 a.m. last night, a Michigan man woke up to find another man had not only forced his way into his home and was brandishing a knife, but also wanted to force him into illicit activities. "You're going to smoke some weed with me right now," the (either disoriented or completely terrifying) home intruder reportedly told the victim.

The victim of the home invasion convinced the intruder to pause—when he put his knife down, the homeowner seized the moment and grabbed the knife before running out of the house. Scared that the intruder was following him, he went to his next door neighbor's house and pounded on the front door. The neighbor woke up and called the police, but didn't let the man in. (Wise move or ice cold move?) He said he then heard "what sounded like a knock and a crow bar hitting the ground" outside his door, according to (Wise move.)

When the police arrived, they found a man outside brandishing a knife—but they figured out it was the guy whose home had been invaded. They found the suspect, who was out on probation for another charge, behind another house after he'd fallen down a hill. 

The 36-year-old suspect was arrested and taken to Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital after he complained about the police hurting his wrists with handcuffs. The suspect was treated and released without major injuries. He is currently facing charges for home invasion, resisting arrest, and violating his probation. 


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