For a well-rounded lesson in how to properly stack an already loaded TV juggernaut, look no further than EmpireFOX's most worthwhile contribution to the current small screen landscape. If the show's recently released (painfully brief) glimpse at its soon-to-slay second season proved anything, it's that Empire truly knows itself — thus packing in exactly what you would hope to see in a 20-second tease.

Though the timeline-dominating series doesn't return until September 23, we've already been graciously gifted with news of mysterious guest appearances from a bevy of pitch-perfect forces of nature — including (but most likely not limited to) Lenny Kravitz, Kelly Rowland, Marisa Tomei, Tyrese, Common, and Chris Rock. According to the 'gram, the currently incarcerated Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) will also receive a unique corrections officer experience by way of Ludacris.

Of course, Luda is no stranger at all to the fruits of the crossover — having enjoyed the success of his roles in Crash, Furious 7, and (perhaps least memorably) the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber. The prevalence of Luda's character in the forthcoming season of Empire is unknown, though the already crowded (wonderfully so) cast would appear to imply a two or three episode arc at best.