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Children with missing limbs can feel self-conscious or awkward when fitted with traditional prosthetic systems, especially when it comes to playtime with others kids. That's not a problem with the customizable, Lego-friendly prosthetic arm designed by Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar from the Umeå University in Sweden. The IKO prosthetic system lets kids replace the standard three-finger gripping attachment with their own made out of Legos—or any other Lego creation, like a spaceship or hovercraft. 

The idea behind the prosthetic system is to unleash a child's creativity and involve them in making something fun. It's also incredibly social, inviting other kids to play with the child's arm and test out their own creations, making this prosthetic limb the center of attention and a source of fun rather than something uncomfortable for kids.

Watch children from Bogota, Colombia test out the IKO prosthetic arm in the video above. 

[via Gizmodo]