How many 13-year-old Irish boys are all crying emoji, crying emoji, crying emoji right now over Shahira Barry, the trained teacher who ditched that gig to head to Los Angeles and eventually become Kim Kardashian's body double

According to U.K. tabloid The MirrorBarry left behind the glamorous life of grading book reports and getting paid less than a toll booth worker to travel west where she promptly booked a gig modeling for a subway ad (gotta start somewhere). She also had a tiny role on True Detective before getting a mysterious call from E! to work as a body double on some show. 

When she got there she found out it was Kim Kardashian, a woman whose "great bum" Barry quite admires. 

Do you see it?


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💋 'layout'😴 & link in bio😉

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No? How about now...


OK, so maybe not an exact replica, but apparently she works just fine for getting the lighting right on set before Kim steps into the shot.