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It feels like there's a simple solution to people annoyingly tagging you in Facebook photos that you either hate or don't want your boss/girlfriend/boyfriend/mom to see: just hide them from your timeline, or better yet, don't even approve them.

But, as Business Insider points out, it's extremely easy for people to still see those photos using the search box. 

If you do a Facebook search for a person's name with "Photos of" in front of it, you'll see every photo they're tagged in.

Even if they're not your Facebook friend.

Even if they've selected "hide from timeline" on the photo.

Even if the person never approved the photo. 

Creep away, I guess. 

So how do you protect your own photos from said creepers? There's a couple of choices. You can manually un-tag yourself from all the photos you're tagged in every time. Or, you can change your privacy settings.

Just go to settings, then "timeline and tagging," then find the option "When you're tagged in a post, who do you want to add to the audience?" and select "only me."