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On Friday, Giuliana Rancic announced that she would be stepping down from her role as co-anchor on E! News, though maintaining her participation in future Fashion Police and Live from the Red Carpet broadcasts. With a resounding immediacy, rumors started to cast Rancic's exit in an unfortunate light. Some claimed that Rancic's decision stemmed from an ongoing feud with E!'s own Maria Menounos, while others seemed convinced that Rancic was simply asked to step down shortly after her controversial (see: dumb) remarks on Zendaya Coleman.

However, Rancic is hoping to put those rumors firmly to rest — confirming in a statement that her exit was "100 percent" her idea, not the network's. "I brought up the idea to leave three years ago," says Rancic, "but E! News kept extending me because they wanted me to stay." Rancic also balked at rumors of any Menounos feud, saying she's "never had a feud or drama with any of my E! News hosts or co-hosts, and there certainly isn't one now."

Alongside her husband Bill Rancic, the (now former) E! News icon also co-owns the RPM Steak and RPM Italian restaurants in Chicago. "I've worked day in and day out for 14 years," says Rancic. "I'm looking forward to being able to stay in bed a little longer with [our son] Duke every morning and take him to school and on play dates."