If you've seen a giant butt on the road lately, you can thank this guy. Comedian Kurt Braunohler drove the Love Butt from Las Vegas, Nevada to Ashbury Park, New Jersey, covering 3,000 miles in six days. Part random act of kindness, part IRL LOL, the Love Butt toured America and mapped out its route digitally with the #TheLoveButt hashtag.

Braunohler, who has appeared on Bob's Burgers, New Girl, and @midnight, told WCAV that the Love Butt was meant to give people something to laugh about.

"The world is a pretty tough place to live in ... So we thought we could brighten people's day with a bit of randomness, and that is why I am driving around a giant butt," he said.

The Love Butt arrived safely in New Jersey on Monday. Long live, Love Butt. 

[via Cosmo]