Nature is rising up and attacking us, as one single fox managed to recreate the plot of Assault On Precinct 13 and keep eight humans hostage inside  sports club.

It started when the victims were about to leave Alconbury Sports and Social Club in Cambridgeshire on Saturday night—when a particularly aggy fox appeared and chased them back inside. Club chairman Bruce Staines was apparently chased around the car park before he could return to safety, and told the BBC that he “tweaked his groin” getting away from the dangerous animal.

But they were far from safety. "None of us could get out. When we tried to use a side door, the fox heard and came haring round there."

One woman tried to distract it, but the fox bit her hand.

GIFs via Giphy

You know how in monster movies there’s always one guy who fucks everyone off and tries to make an escape on his own? Well, one person did that, making a break for it on his bike. He fell off though, and lost his glasses.

According to Mr Stain, "He had to fend the fox off with his bicycle."

They remained trapped, watching the fox on CCTV, until 10pm.

A pest control guy arrived, but the fox "went for him" and chased him back to his vehicle.

Eventually, the fox was captured and destroyed. He went out in a blaze of glory.


[via BBC]